About us

We work with leading brands and emerging businesses to clarify their stories and create robust, impactful experiences that matter to people. This includes visual identities, advertising, digital experiences, communications and environments. We find the most successful relationships are truly collaborative. And the very best work is created together.


Branding is about so much more than just a logo: it’s a promise of quality that instils confidence in your customers.

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Digital Design is where the graphic design industry is heading, so your company needs to keep up with the changes.

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As the founder and creative director of Robust Design, Luke unites seven years of professional design experience with a penchant for thoughtful customer service.

He has an instinctive eye, passion for detail and ability to create and apply unique, intelligent and robust design solutions across all print and digital media. His work is about finding and distilling a visual language that will best represent his clients wherever and whenever they need to be seen.

Inspired by purpose driven by passion