Could You Benefit From a Rebrand?

Luke Antrobus
4 min read

When is the right time to rebrand?

Branding is a massively important part of your business. Every time someone interacts with you they engage with your brand and start to form a long-lasting opinion of your whole business. Branding is more than just the external image of course; sure, every child driving past a McDonalds sign can easily point out the name of one of their favourite places to eat. But a brand is more than this. A brand needs to include everything from what you say, how you look and what you stand for.

Could You Benefit From A Rebrand?

Just like everything in life, branding at times needs to be invigorated and brought back into modern times. Even some of the big names on the high streets have gone through rebrands that have helped them to continue to dominate their market and retain their loving customers.

Are you ready for a rebrand? Would you like to change the way you display yourself? Here are five simple clues that let on that you are about ready for a rebrand.

1) It’s time to move away from a negative vibe.

It’s hard to take at times, but sometimes businesses get things wrong. You get associated with the wrong kind of image and people’s opinions of you are formed on this negativity. A rebrand will help you to move away from this image and into a more positive light.

2) You have moved past the original branding.

As we mentioned earlier, a brand needs to move with the times. Trends and consumer behaviour changes every single day. Are you moving alongside the market trends and meeting expectations? Are you meeting the ever-rising demands of your customer?

3) You are no longer standing out.

Competition is always going to exist. Perhaps you are not standing out against your competitor and you need a rebrand to appear fresh and stand out from the crowd.

4) There has been a big change in hierarchy.

Have you recently undergone a massive change of leadership, or are you starting to move towards a new approach and a way of working? A rebrand will help your customers to understand your new entity.

5) You are changing what you are offering.

You are changing what you are offering. Perhaps you are starting to change what you are offering to your customers and adapting the way you offer your services. Perhaps your original business plan stated you would offer one thing, and now you are venturing into another. A rebrand will assist in attracting new customers and retaining current customers.

Of course, a rebrand should never be taken lightly and must always work alongside a good research base and strategy plan. We are here to help you every single step of the way.

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